Book-Performance, Chapter I


Livro-Performance, Capítulo I [1 hour] – Jerwood Art Space, London, UK, 2018.
Reading Performed by Adelaide Bannerman [UK].

Photograph by Hydar Dewachi.

When my son completed four months old, I started to write every day for a year – from January 2018 to January 2019. With great effort I force myself to sit in front the computer and write whatever came to my mind, purposely without  a fore planned direction. Through this daily commitment, a sort of cathartic writings emerged. They were mostly narratives of my past and present life. They describe the transformation generated by the motherhood and the move to another country. They talk about violent dreams, my career, suppressed emotions, images of my family and my infancy. In the middle of it, I found layers of traumatic memories of racism and misogyny lost in oblivion. Situations that reveal the brutality of a system that silences and alienates minority identities: in my case, a Brazilian-Black-Female-Mother-Artist. An epiphany between memory, embodiment and language, which I have been gradually familiarising with and decided to analyse and edit to create a series of actions in response this autobiographical texts.

The curator Adelaide Bannerman speaks to Rubiane Maia [Sensational Bodies/Jerwood Staging Series 2018] – LINK.

ACTION – Transplant a small plant of the species Ficus Lyrata or Fiddle-leaf fig, as it is popularly known. A perennial plant, tropical, native to West Africa, but cultivated worldwide. First, remove the plant from the pot, then carefully remove the entire soil. Completely release and expose the roots and touch them gently. Replant the plant  in another pot with new soil.

TEXT [VOICE] – Conductive element of writing: the feet. Fragment: 'How did we get here? How did you get us here? Our feet would know the answer better than our heads. My left foot does not agree with my right foot. I lean over my feet every day and every night, especially on those sleepless early hours. I lean over my roots.'

AÇÃO – Transplantar uma pequena árvore da espécie Ficus Lyrata ou Fiddle-leaf fig, como é popularmente conhecida. Uma planta perenifólia, tropical, nativa do oeste da África, mas cultivada no mundo inteiro. Primeiramente, retirar a árvore do vaso, para em seguida, mover cuidadosamente toda a terra. Liberar e expor completamente a raiz e tocá-la com delicadeza.  Replantar a árvore em um outro vaso com uma nova terra.

TEXTO [VOZ] – Elemento condutor da escrita: os pés. Fragmento: ’meu pé esquerdo está em desacordo com o pé direito. Estou me debruçando sobre os meus pés, todos os dias, todas as madrugadas. Principalmente as de insônia. Estou me debruçando sobre as minhas raízes.’