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Sound Performance [3 hours]. Art Residency PAUSE & AFFECT 4 at Performance Space, Folkestone, England, UK, 2019. 
Photograph by Manuel Vason.

In May / June 2019, I was invited to attend an art residency, during which I was researching the 'Inverted Cone’ diagram created by Henri Bergson to illustrate his theory on Time and Memory. Apart from my curiosity about the subject, I was particularly interested in the cone shape and its sonic possibilities. So, I developed a series of works using this object in the form of sculptures, drawings and diagrams, as well as performative actions. In one of the pieces titled “Breathing Memories” I connected a cone object to a snorkel tube so to capture and amplify the air entering and leaving my mouth. I positioned myself face down so that my head could be covered by a pile of earth and  for three hours I performed a series of high-intensity breathing that caused a cluster of unintelligible sounds and voices. In a way, my action signified a search for ancestral voices. The soil is an element with many layers of memory.

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