Northern Hemisphere – Part One

Video [HD 16:9 - 36'36'' - Stereo - Color]. Folkestone, UK, 2017.

Throw a stone into the sea. Repeat throwing.  – Throw another stone into the sea. Repeat the act.  – Repeating.  – Repeat.  – Stretch your arm toward the sky.  – Throw this stone into the sea.  – Gazing or observing the horizon.  – Throw each stone into the sea with as much force as possible so they can continue their journey into the unknown.  – Breathe.  – Throw another stone into the sea so that together they can sail with less solitude.  – Throw a lot of stones into the sea.  – A deep breathing.  –  Repeat the gesture, relinquishing the state of fatigue, of immobility, and imagining that each stone will take the form of a small submarine cruising far away.  – Distancing from the mainland.

The video 'Stones across the Ocean' was made in September 2017, five days before the birth of my son. In the folding of time between the present and my projected future.

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